Becca Skinlove Foundation Review!

This foundation is def one of my favorites! I touched on this a bit in my last blog post but now I am excited to do a deeper dive! (This is on sale btw at Sephora) I first tried this foundation about a year ago and I was blown away!

Not only does this provide great coverage but it is also lightweight and blurs the skin like NO OTHER!! I have been on a mission for years to find a foundation that covers my acne and acne scars but also does not break me out. I saw a couple of influencers on Instagram rave about the Becca Skin Love Foundation and decided to give it a try for myself.

I and in the shade Buttercup. I love the yellow undertones in this particular shade and I felt it matched me pretty well! I would describe this as a medium to full coverage foundation with a slightly dewy finish. The coverage is amazing and somehow still looks natural! The best thing about it though is the blurring factor! I could not believe how great it made my pores look! I remember telling everyone who would listen, “LOOK AT HOW BLURRED I LOOK!!” I got some eye rolls from my family but they also agreed lol. When you have textured skin you will take all the burring you can get! I highly recommend this foundation if you are looking for something with great coverage, won’t break you out, and once again…THE BLURRRRR!!

Have you tried this foundation?

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