Dry Skin Must Haves

These were my saviors in the Winter months!

Dry skin can be difficult to combat especially when the season’s change. My skin type is oily to combo skin. Like most people my skin tends to get drier in the Fall/ Winter and more oily in the Spring/Summer months. This past Winter I experienced probably the driest skin I have ever had. I noticed foundation would cling to my dry patches and the webs of my hands NEVER seemed to be hydrated. It go so bad at one point it looked like my hands had tiny cuts all over them. These 4 products really saved my skin and gave me more balance. Not only were they hydrating but they were actually nourishing!

My top favorite from this bunch is definitely the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. This is an amazing body moisturizer and like it says, provides intense hydration to the skin. It is lightweight, fast drying, and doesn’t have that oily feeling some body moisturizers tend to have. This has become my go to hand cream. It really helped to soothe my dry skin and would keep my hands hydrated all day! Which is great because the last thing you have time to do while at work is continuously apply lotion to your hands. I also just love how versatile it is. As weird as it seems sometimes if I was too lazy to get my lip balm I would apply a small amount to my lips and it actually really helped!

The Jet Lag mask by Summer Friday’s is another versatile product. Depending on how dry your skin is you can use this as either a mask or as a replacement for your moisturizer. This along with the Farsali Liquid Glass Serum really helped to ease the dry patches on my face. During the day I would use the Jet Lag mask as my moisturizer and then apply the liquid glass serum before my makeup to the areas that were more dry. The Liquid Glass is awesome because it has a slightly tacky feeling when it dries which I feel helps to hold my foundation in place and extend my makeup wear.

Finally, to hydrate my creasy under eyes the Belief Moisturizing Eye Bomb is true moisture in a jar. In the past I have never been one to be into eye creams. I always figured it is something I will worry about when I get wrinkles. But I have learned that like with most things, prevention is key. I would always wonder why does my concealer look so bad? Why does it look like I have wrinkles when I don’t? Why is my makeup not blending evenly? Then I started using this eye cream and it was like a whole new world opened up! It feels amazing when you put it on (Pro Tip: Put it in the freezer before you apply for a cooling effect) Without makeup I can’t tell too much of a difference but when applying my under eye powder and concealer it is so much easier and looks like a smooth canvas. Your makeup is only as good as the canvas underneath so take care of your skin.

These products are my favorites because I truly feel like they will help combo skin types as well. They do not clog pores and are all lightweight. Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you can skip out on moisturizing so show your skin some love! Let me know your dry skin holy grails and recommendations!