Mother’s Day Self Care Gifts!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and every year it feels like it comes faster and faster. However, this Mother’s Day feels very different as some of us can not spend the day with our Mom’s due to social distancing. This year we are forced to get a little more creative which can be exciting but also stressful. Since no one truly knows when life will get back to normal what better fitting gift is there than self care? Here are 6 self care items to help make your Mom feel pampered!

I Dew Care Facial Products: This headband by I Dew Care is not only cute, but I honestly don’t know what I did without it. It makes everything from washing your face, face masks, and doing your makeup 10 X easier! I am someone who has a TON of unruly baby hairs that never want to stay in place. This helps to keep them at bay and out of my face. The mask brush is also super helpful when putting on your favorite clay masks. It gives a smooth even layer and putting on mask just feels a bit more hassle free. This duo makes the perfect gift for an at home facial.

This Rose Quartz Roller by Herbivore is a great skin care tool and my new fav that I’ve added to my routine. Jade and Rose Quartz rollers are great for lymphatic drainage as well as applying serums and sheet masks. I love using this especially when I have allergies. I feel like it really helps me to depuff and I love the cooling sensation on my skin. This is easily in my top skincare tools that I recommend. At first I did not believe the hype but let me tell ya…it’s real!

Speaking of cooling this Skin Fridge by Finishing Touch is a game changer! Skin care products just feel better applied when cold. I keep in my fridge my moisturizer, clay masks, sheet masks, eye cream, and rose quartz roller. It makes your skin care routine more luxurious, even at home.

This next product is AMAZING for getting out black heads. This DERMAFLASH Ultrasonic Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser is effective and esthetician approved. I use this product every 2 weeks. I can not stand when I can see all the blackheads and clogged pores in my nose. This tool just helps my skin feel cleaner overall. I find it much more effective than the traditional pore strip. It is also cool because if you flip it, you can use it to apply your serums to help them penetrate deeper into the skin.

Finally, the most luxurious product in this gift guide would have to be this Silk Pillowcase and Sleeping Mask by Slip. Silk pillowcases are said to be great for anti aging. If I am honest I am not sure about all the skin care benefits but let’s be real they feel amazing to sleep on! My mom is someone who can not fall asleep if she sees any and I mean ANY form of light in the room. When I saw this set came with a sleeping mask I was sold!

Even though we may not be able to be with our Mom’s this weekend, that doesn’t mean that this Mother’s Day can’t be special! You can do things such as sending flowers, delivering a beautiful brunch, or even just calling to say I love you. I hope these gifts help make your Mom feel like the Queen she is!

And to all the hard working Mama’s,

Happy Mother’s Day!