Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II


When Jaclyn Hill goes big, she goes all the way. The OG Morphe Babe never half-sasses somethin’. It’s extra to the extreme. Just like her dramatic-AF Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II. She’s created 35 vivid shades to help you live your best life, 24/7. These bossy brights won’t back down. So, are you ready for the ultimate glow-up?

Shade Names:

  • Row 1: Certified (matte pearl), I’m In It (satin cotton candy), Love Handles (matte peach cobbler), Comfort Zone (matte nutmeg), Perfectionist (matte nectarine), Ride-or-Diamonds (shimmering rosy copper), Thick Skin (matte terracotta)
  • Row 2: No Joke (matte dandelion), Taliya (shimmering gold leaf), Feelin’ Myself (matte tangerine), Homebody (matte mahogany), GRWM (shimmering natural copper), Boujee (shimmering peach bellini), Drama Queen (shimmering pink diamond)
  • Row 3: Flawed & Awed (shimmering marmalade), G-Money (matte mustard seed), Positivi-TEA (matte electric coral), My Man (matte neon orange), Grateful (matte clay brick), Heart On (matte strawberry daiquiri), Livin’ My Best (matte cherry with pink sparkle)
  • Row 4: A Moment (shimmering lilac), Therapy Sesh (matte orchid), Lolli Mama (matte fuchsia), Tipsy Girl (matte hot pink), Empowered (shimmering raspberry jam), Next (matte sangria), Dance Party(matte fruit punch)
  • Row 5: Stay True (matte berry), Not My Journey (matte amethyst with pink sparkle), Good Place (satin purple tulip), Paolo (shimmering fig), Oh, Hello! (matte black raspberry), Crazy, Temptress (matte merlot)