The 3 Best Highlighting Products for Under $5!

I love highlighting products. Kim Kardashian’s makeup was just the beginning of a trend that would evolve over the past 8 years. These days every brand makes a highlighter. Gone are the days where you had to spend 20 plus dollars on a highlight and had a choice of maybe 3 colors.

Essence has KILLED it with these 3 highlighters. I love how they can all be used alone or together and each has a different purpose. Also can we talk about how AFFORDABLE they are?! All of these products have a great formula and like them better than some of my high end products.

First up is my holy grail matte brightener. I have gone through at least 3 of these and I will forever stock up! The Essence Brighten Up Banana Powder is the perfect under eye brightener. The color is perfect because it is not too light but also not too yellow where it leaves a cast on my skin. I think this product would work great on light to medium skin tones. I use this pretty much daily and it adds so much brightness to the face and makes you look refreshed and awake. It is also good for helping to clean up blush and bronzer if you brought it down too far. For the price of $4.99 you just can’t beat it!

These next two I bought after I watched Kathleenlights rave about them in a favorites video. There is actually not that many subtle highlights on the market. Most are very metallic which I love that on days when I am going for a full face. However, on a more casual everyday basis such as my standard going to work makeup I tend to want something a bit more natural. The Essence Pure Nude Highlighter is perfect for everyday and gives off that bridal glow from within look. I love how these are a baked formula and look so smooth on the cheeks! It is so versatile I can use it with a super glam look or a no makeup makeup day. It is also the perfect nose highlight. Gives a glow without making me look like a grease ball.

The Pure Nude Sunlighter is a tad more intense than the Pure Nude Highlighter but is still a pretty natural highlight. I love using this in the summer for that bronzy glow! (Also makes a pretty eyeshadow) Depending on the day I also use it as a blush topper. I start by applying the Pure Nude Highlighter and topping it off with the Sunlighter. I love mixing these highlighters as alone the Sunlighter can be a tad too dark on my skin. I think this would look beautiful on it’s own on medium to deep skin tones.

Essence has products that are high end quality for a fraction of the price! I have been amazed by these products and they have become some of my top favorites! These are perfect whether you are just starting out in makeup or love a full beat!

Let me know some of your favorite affordable highlighting products!