Underated Cleansers for Acne Prone Skin

As you can probably tell, I love trying new products! There is nothing that excites me more than new product launches. However, with so many product launches in the beauty space it can get overwhelming and oversaturated. I have decided to narrow down the products I try to brands that truly interest me or offer something new and different.

I discovered Holi Frog when I was browsing Instagram one day and saw on Trendmood that there was a new skin care brand launching. It caught my eye because this brand only offers cleansers. I know what you’re thinking. JUST CLEANSERS?! Yup! This caught my eye because in my opinion cleansers aren’t the most exciting part of skin care. Although it is probably one of the most necessary steps in your routine. Properly cleansing your skin helps to all of your other products such as toners, serums, creams, moisturizers work better and allowing them to penetrate further into your skin. So I decided to pick up two cleansers: Shasta AHA Refining Acid Wash and the Tashmoo Water Lily Nourishing Milky Wash.

Holi Frog also talks about the concept of “situational cleansing”. Basically, it means that our skin needs different things at different times. This concept was a GAME CHANGER for me personally. As someone who has oily acne prone skin the thought of using a moisturizing cleanser never occurred to me. Tashmoo appealed to me because in their description they said this was a great wash for the skin barrier. Damaged skin barrier can occur from things such as over-exfoliating, seasonal changes (This is a savior in the winter!), or harsher chemical treatments. This basically describes my skin perfectly. I use this in the morning and I love how my skin feels after I use it. It feels so soft, plump, and hydrated. The texture threw me off a bit because it feels like a creamy moisturizer. I saw a visible difference in my skin and felt like it helped to reduce my skin irritation and acne. It is a cleanser that brought balance to my skin.

Now while I love gentle cleansers ya’ll know I love some good chemical exfoliants. AHA’s and BHA’a are my favorite ingredients on any skin care product. Shasta AHA is a chemical exfoliating cleanser and is described to help reduce breakouts without over stripping the skin. This cleanser blew me away because I saw an overnight difference!! I saw a visible improvement in my skin’s overall texture. Over time it helped to clear my breakouts and has become one of my holy grail (probably my favorite if I am being honest) chemical exfoliating face wash!

I found it interesting that on their website they actually recommend to use these washes together for best results and that is exactly what I do! I use the Tashmoo in the morning and the Shasta at night. I have not seen many people on social media talk about this brand. Holi Frog is one of the most underrated skin care brands in my opinion! These cleansers are not cheap at $38 per cleanser but…they truly work and give amazing results! This brand has made cleansing interesting and opened up my eyes to this crucial overlooked step. This brand deserves more love and just as much hype of brands such as Tatcha, The Ordinary, etc. These products have thoroughly impressed me and I can not recommend them enough!

Have you tried any Holi Frog products?

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